Penny Wars

Supefriends Roster: Nash and Eddie

To raise money for charity, one of the RAs came up with a game called Penny Wars. The object of the game is to collect as many pennies as you can and throw them into a jar for your floor over two weeks. However, if another floor places dollar bills, nickels, dimes, or quarters into your floor’s jar, the floor loses points. Normally my floor is apathetic towards these activities (we treated weekly Hall meetings, colorfully called Hall Ass, as a joke and instead have Floor Ass, as in Floor Your Ass in My Room to Watch Smallville). However, on the last day of Penny Wars, we found out that we had a chance of winning and found out that the grand prize was pizza. The floor then decided to band together on the last day of Penny Wars. Eddie and I decided to take matters into our own hands and went to every room, asking (okay begging) the floor for as much loose change as possible. Surprisingly, we gathered 3 bags worth of change in one night. So as the deadline was approaching at 3:00 AM, we waited patiently by the Security Booth for 3. 1st floor had a similar plan in mind. They also gathered up pennies that night into a little jar and filled up their jar at the both. Already, they were boasting about how they had won and they were getting the pizza. Then, Eddie and I showed up at the last second and deployed so many pennies into our jar, that we over filled it. 1st floor looked on in disappointment and tried to convince us to stop. We were unrelenting, however, and to throw salt on the wound, we dunked our bag of quarters (colorfully labeled the “atom bomb”) into the first floor jar. “It’s not fair,” the ladies said,”we don’t win anything.”