Eddie’s Rantings

Halloween 2002 in SF
Superfriends Roster: Pictured-Lucky Charms and Nash, Eddie, Seungkwon, Albert and Vicky(they’ll have secret identities soon enough)
Not Pictured:The Joey and King Kong

A little background: Eddie (the guy in vampire teeth in the front) is Seungkwon’s (the guy towards the right of him in the picture) roommate. They both tend to have a lot of disagreements with each other about everything. To complicate matters further, Eddie is also a homosexual and Seungkwon is totally homophobic, calling himself the “straightest guy in the world.” The duo’s antagonism towards each other culminates into what Eddie calls his ranting or venting sessions. They can be found on his subprofile. Every little thing Eddie is annoyed with, he will put on the net for all his buddy’s list to see. And from his latest session came this entry I thought I should include in the journal, because your’s truly is involved. Let’s just say it deals with the picture above. By the way, Eddie refers to Seungkwon as Stupid.

From The Ranting Session comes this story:

“So from now his name will now be Stupid [Seungkwon]. Yes, he is like the only person who can say things that are soooo very stupid! Like today he said he wants a roommate who is straight and cool. May his corpse rot in the fiery pits of Hell. 😀

So Allen showed a picture of us from Halloween and asked who she [Susanna] thought was gay. And guess who she picked? Yep, she chose Stupid!!! That lil tale brought a tear to my eye.

But the story gets better: I was told not to put this up on my rantings cuz it would greatly offend him. But when I found out that he knew about it, I felt obliged to tell the world. How did he find out? Hehehehehe….

Everyone on the floor knew about this lil story. A couple of days ago Patrick was sniffing Eugene’s hair which looked very queer. So Eugene said he was sooo gay. Patrick was offended, but Joey consoled him by saying Patrick was the straightest guy in the world. At that moment Stupid prances in and everyone laughs at him…not with him…AT HIM!!! At his insistence, Stupid finds out why everyone is laughing at him. Then he just stands there totally stunned, then gets really pissed off. So pissed off that he goes to take a smoke on the balcony to cool off. Isn’t he such an idiot? I sure think so!

It gets even better: Allen’s friends from UCLA [Susanna and Guadalupe] thought every person in the group pic was gay EXCEPT eddie!! Take that, Stupid!!!! “