Minor follow ups

-I just realized that the Google Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy answer to life, the universe, and everything trick (where you type in I posted about before) has got to be one of the nerdiest things ever. I mean it combines the geeky-ness of Google’s calculator with a favorite geek book.

Yahoo 360, finally, added feeds support (which means I now can display Livejournal on it, among other things) and Flickr integration. I had said earlier that feeds would make it really awesome. If I had more friends on it, it might become my primary social networking tool.

-I’ve never seen a subway so crowded that I couldn’t even step on to because so many people got on it before me. One of the plights of urbanization I guess…

-There’s a piece of comment spam that went around the blogs and left this message

“[last person who commented], I totally agree with what you said.


Very clever way leaving a spam message, as it totally just blends in with other comments.

Life according to livejournal. Tracking the popularity the moods on Livejournal reveals how people responded to major events. Apparently, sad and angry went way up after the London Bombings. Sure wish there was a Tag Cloud for all the Livejournal tags.