Some facts from Gullible.Info

I’ve saved a couple of posts from in the last few days. I thought they had some interesting information.

for July 13, 2005

• If all the coupons issued by grocery store Safeway were redeemed, its net profit would drop by 11 percent.

• Sheep are the most common animal mentioned in the New Testament.

for July 12, 2005

• In 1988, the average computer hard drive had a lifespan of six years. Today, hard drives last an average of 14 months.

for July 11, 2005

•The Six-Day war is the only recorded conflict with a name accurately cataloging its length, to date.

• A student majoring in criminal justice has a 97.2 percent average job placement rate, the highest of any field. The field with the lowest placement rate is Marine Biology.

for July 9, 2005

• One in eight sets of directions from MapQuest contains a turn that is either physically impossible, or disallowed by signs at the intersection.

• Amtrak trains are, on average, 14 minutes late departing, and 38 minutes late arriving.

• If one million copies of a typical spam message are sent, approximately 750,000 will be automatically filtered and deleted, 150,000 will be ignored or deleted after reading the subject line, 99,999 will be ignored or deleted after reading the message, and one will generate a sale.