Blogging your way to TV

I used to think I could turn my Livejournal entries into a television series one day (not that I actually would, but I had thought I’d have a decent amount of material for a base). While I still think it’s true, I don’t think I could put enough good material onto print (electronic of course) from my head to do this. Plus there’s the little matter of my life not being that interesting to want to do a TV show, but hey that hasn’t stopped some people (oh do I really have to name them?).

Anyways, it turns out that the blogger who writes “Greek Tragedy” (which I had never heard of before today) has not only got a book deal like a number of other bloggers, but is also getting a show based on her life, at least according to this NY Times article (found via Buzzworthy). Sounds like the same attractive girl’s romantic life in New York City formula that has been fairly successful in the last few years (again, do I really need to name names?). What’s interesting about this to me though is the fact that she became so famous from her blog that it was able to get her all of this. Once again, it proves that people are able to put themselves out into the public eye (for better or for worse) with nothing more than a PC and an Internet connection, as been the case for some time. With a good search engine and a simple blogging tool, the barriers to fame are growing smaller and smaller.

BTW, if you wondering what kind of show I would have liked to write about, I would have loved to have made a college life show in a Scrubs (the best show I never seem to watch-which I hope they put on syndication soon) sitcom type format with a narrator (maybe more than one) and the cut scenes that clip to their thoughts. It’s still a decent concept, though, I’d probably only take elements of my life to make the show and not actual real life events or people.

The Bay Area is Talking about Calstuff

So apparently while I was working on my internship in DC, I missed a Bay Area bloggers convention hosted by KRON-4 news in San Francisco. About a month afterwards, KRON put together The Bay Area is Talking, a blog about the Bay Area that helps put together their news content and the Bay Area blogs. Calstuff is one of the blogs who they link to so, it’s nice to be put up with a bunch of other Bay Area residents. Interestingly enough, they linked to a comment stream on one of my Calstuff posts.

The folks at Cal Stuff are smarter than your average Bear…

So they turned us on to this new research center Yahoo is setting up in cooperation with Professor Mark Davis and the School of Information Systems.

But the real fun comes in the comments where people try to figure out if they should root for Google or Yahoo because of each’s connection with Bear and Cardinal


You guys do bring up something interesting about the nature of the Berkeley v. Stanfurd rivalry when it comes to the Internet. Berkeley made some of the technologies that went into making the Internet, but Stanford can proudly boast about its hand in helping to produce two of the crown business of the web, which is of much higher profile. A lot of the labs are doing great work, but there is no high profile story of a Larry and Sergei coming out of Berkeley.

Comment by Allen L.

Nice to know they’re reading more than just my posts.