The 4400 Season 1

A good show, but not a spectacular one. It’s rather predictable and simple in terms of plot, and the characters are rather ordinary. There are only five episodes in all, and there are no extras or even scene selections in these DVDs. Download the episodes instead.

My tribute to Arrested Development

[amazon-product]B000EXDS7K[/amazon-product]So the best comedy on TV just got canceled. I’m talking about Arrested Development, a throughly intelligent and clever comedy. It also happens to be incredibly dirty, self-referential, and quite possibly characters that are too out there for some people, but all of it make it just incredibly funny.

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King Kong (2005)

I am so glad they set this movie in the past, since a modern setting would have killed the wonder of the movie (the old time New York scenes do tend to distract you from the movie though). Terrific movie, though not very strong plot-wise.