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Automatic FTP uploads and downloads using BAT scripts

How to automate FTP uploads from the Windows Command Line – This BAT script uses the FTP command in the command line and automating the actions into a script. The script can then be paired with other processes (like Scheduled Tasks) to create an automated FTP process.

Los Angeles Urban League Event Board

In a similar vain to the Job Board I built for the LA Urban League, I created an event board using WordPress. The main plugins I’ve used are the Event Calendar for the event information and the Geopress plugin for locations.

Los Angeles Urban League Job Board

Inspired by Recruitpress, a job board made with WordPress and a couple of packaged plugins, I’ve just deployed a job board for the Los Angeles Urban League. Basically, I’ve replaced the Secure Form Mailer Plugin For WordPress, used to apply for this job section of each job post, with the cforms plugin, which I felt was a bit more customizable.

Getting Flash to Work with Ubuntu 7.10

If you haven’t been able to install Adobe Flash Player on your Ubuntu 7.10 install, Jayson Joseph Chacko wrote an excellent post with a set of terminal commands to get Adobe Flash installed. Thanks Jayson.

Check out GMU's Center for History and New Media Web projects

Center for History and New Media at George Mason University

Center for History and New Media

George Mason University’s Center for History and New Media has been really putting out some great online academic tools. They’re the ones behind the Zotero research extension for Firefox. Now they are developing some software for web sites like Omeka, an open source content management system for museum collections and exhibits, and ScholarPress, plugins designed to make WordPress more usable for college classes.

ScholarPress has two plugins right now, Courseware, for adding syllabi and assignments, and WPBook, a way of converting your WordPress blog as a Facebook Application. The two developers, Jeremey Boggs and Dave Lester, also host a podcast called THAT podcast and have posted a tutorial on using the Scholarpress plugins along with an interview with Matt Mullenweg as the first episode. I certainly admire them for the impressive amount of work they have put in to all of these projects and look forward to trying their tools out in the future. (via Photo Matt)

A nice list of non-profit web tools

Read/Write Web has a terrific list of non-profit web tools. This goes along great with some of the previous guides I’ve linked (see “How we set up a non-profit by the seat of our pants” and Startup Guides).