The Joey

1. Heroic Name-Joey (AKA Melon)
2. Real Name-Alan Le
3. Place of Origin-Lawndale, CA
4. Major-Undeclared
If there were anyone on the Superfriends roster who could possibly take down the entire team in a fight, it would be The Joey. While he may not match the pure athleticism or the intellectual prowess of some of the other members, Alan is the best-trained fighter out of all of them, possessing black belts in several martial arts disciplines, and has an uncanny eye for unique solutions that often go unforeseen by his opponents. Not only that, but he also has the power to eject a vile smell from various parts of his body, forcing an opponent to run and hide at lightning quick speed. While capable of fighting anyone, his religious beliefs make him compassionate towards his enemies and make him incredibly hesitant to hurt anyone. He is also keen on developing friendships, making him the most popular member of the team. Yet, should the need arise, the Joey is ready to aid the Superfriends and grapple for justice.